Café hopping : The Krema

Its “summer” and hence, I am getting lotsa sunshine and lotsa time. Well, to be honest, it summer all year round here in Brunei, but the heat lately is getting too much. Although, there are occasional storms here and there but usually its hella hot these past couple of weeks. Oh, getting to my point, its summer break!

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Ramadhan Mubarak


Photo courtesy of google

Hello readers, for some reasons it is already June and who knows when was the last time I posted something, not to mention that it is now the 5th day out of 30 of the Muslim fasting month. What Bruneians look forward to in this fasting month is the great rewards it brings by simply doing prayers and worshiping, oh and also the gerai ramadhan or the ramadhan stalls.

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Happy 32nd National Day Brunei Darussalam! #HK32

Hello fellow readers!

In conjunction to Brunei Darussalam’s 32nd National Day, I have decided to take a one hour break from doing my 9000 words essay assignment and write a post dedicated to my beloved country. Just a disclaimer, Brunei’s National day was 3 days ago (23rd February) but hey, this is me being fashionably late. First things first, lets have some history lesson. Brunei declared its independence from the British ruling on Continue reading

Eating out: Fish n Co

I don’t usually go out to eat, I think it’s because my parents never like to eat at restaurants. Especially my mum, whenever I asked her to eat out with me she almost always refused. I think it’s because they don’t like wasting money on food that can be easily cooked at home and some hygienic worries as well 😂. So, my family only eat at restaurants during special occasions like birthdays, graduation etc. And I only eat out if my friends dragged me or if I am craving something. Today, I craved for fish & chip and I went to Fish n Co, Citis Square Berakas 💃.

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Raffles Place

Raffles Place

Remember when I went on Hiatus in December? Of course you don’t, who the heck reads my blog? *cries under blanket*. Anyway, low self esteem aside, I was busy going on a five days holiday to Singapore! The whole week before the trip I was really engrossed in packing. I am not one of those last minute packers, no no no… I like to be prepared and make sure that I have everything ready before I go. It’s not weird that I like packing for trips right? right?

I had a morning flight to Singapore on December 26th, and for the first time in forever I did not complain of waking up early. Probably because I was really excited. It was my first time in Lion City after all. Let’s skip to the part where I got there shall we?

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One day without my phone

Are we addicted to phones? Or is it the textings? Well whatever it is, my phone is gone and I am having a withdrawal symptoms (sorta). My phone was broken yesterday, something about the software. Usually that kind of faulty could cost about a hundred but there is this one repair shop in Tutong Town who gives low prices for phone/tablet repairs. Initially, the price was $40, but after some bargaining they gave me $35, but if I tried hard enough I could get as low as $30!

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My first ever snickerdoodle (+ recipe)


Yes yes… I have just tasted my first ever snickerdoodle, and because the cookie is not commonly found in Brunei and people are not familiar with it I decided to make some myself. No, we don’t have Mrs Fields here. Freshly baked (non-local)cookies are hard to encounter in my town, sad I know. So here’s my first attempt to make the snickerdoodle! And sorry that my snickerdoodles are not the best looking and look bit square-ish.

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My home town : Daily day life

The quietness

My neighborhood

Growing up in Tutong Town in Tutong district of Brunei Darussalam, which is the third highest populated district in the country (around 430k people), it is quite like a roller coaster ride here. The town itself is very quiet most of the time, but when we have festivals or celebrations it can be packed and really crowded. Although, there aren’t many festivals going on but I noticed that year by year, more events and festivals are being held in this quiet town. Recent events include the Royal Regatta race, Sultan’s birthday celebration, National youth day to name a few.

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